Hydraulic Components

Ready-to-use hydraulic components from the best manufacturers on the market: pumps, hydraulic motors, filter cartridges, valves, accumulators, all available for purchase in just a few clicks.

Hydraulic pumps and motors

The function of a hydraulic pump is to convert the mechanical energy made available by the motor into hydraulic energy. Coupled with electric motors, pumps are among the main components of hydraulic units, able to move the fluid within the hydraulic system. There are different types of hydraulic pumps, the main ones are: gear, vane, piston choose depending on the type of use.

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Hydraulic filtration

To ensure the level of fluid cleaning in the hydraulic systems, these are equipped with filters retaining undesirable particles that can be generated within the system during the installation and operation phase. Filters are generally characterized by the quantity of particles they can retain and the minimum size of these particles. There are different types of filters: suction, return, pressure, spin-on... Filters can be complete with clogging indicators: sensors that react when a pressure value is reached in the filter, possibly differential. Under these conditions and depending on the type of clogging indicator installed a visual signal appears or an electrical contact is activated, allowing an immediate replacement of filter element.

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Valves and cartridges

The hydraulic systems are characterized by the presence of various valves with different functions and characteristics. Hydroservice can provide a wide range of valves, including: directional, proportional, solenoid valves, safety valves... Hydroservice can supply valves for different applications, including Oil & Gas, Off-shore/On-shore, Petrochemical, extreme environments and corrosive process fluids. Hydroservice also designs and manufactures a wide range of hydraulic components and valves made entirely of AISI 316L.

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Depending on the application, the accumulator in a hydraulic system can perform different functions: emergency energy reserve for damper pressure, pulse damper, volume compensator... There are different types of accumulators, the main ones are bag, piston, membrane. Energy storage systems can also be equipped with bottles which can guarantee the correct quantity of nitrogen required by the system.

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The main accessories to ensure that the oil working temperature is always within the optimal range, keeping the correct degree of viscosity, are heat exchangers and electrical resistances. In the heat exchangers, the heat is transferred from a "hot" fluid at a higher temperature to a "cold" fluid at a lower temperature. The electrical resistances can heat the oil in case the temperature is too low.

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Several tools for monitoring and regulating the system are installed on hydraulic units. Instruments can be visual or allow the remote control of signals or measurement data. The main characteristics controlled by dedicated instrumentation are: level, temperature, pressure and flow. Depending on the application and the destination of the plants, Hydroservice is able to install instruments complete with the appropriate certifications, IP degrees, communication protocols...

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