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Made in italy engineeering

We have been designing and manufacturing for over 45 years: hydraulic power plants, skids for petrochemical, energy and oil & gas systems, standard and special hydraulic manifolds.
Over the years our skills have led us to develop systems and systems that go beyond the concept of hydraulics.

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Our values

High quality standard

Our commitment to maintain a high quality standard in order to guarantee our achievements.

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Production of hydraulic and skid systems for the industrial, petrochemical, oil & gas and energy sectors

Our production ranges in multiple market area in partnership with customers or on commission.

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Our projects realized in the oledynamic field

Projects managed by us and developed in collaboration with our customers in several product sectors.

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Post quarantine

the return to a new normality

After a few months from the start of the quarantine, with the recovery of the companies, Hydroservice continues to have as its main objective those of protecting people's health, to ensure the continuity of activities, not only on the national territory, but also abroad.Our team managed the emergency in the best way, guaranteeing effective service even during the quarantine, but...

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