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A wide range of high-performance hydraulic components: bushes, cylinders and locking discs, special stainless steel valves, manifolds and hydraulic blocks

Custom hydraulic manifolds

A hydraulic manifold is a manifold that regulates fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system. It is like a switchboard in an electrical circuit because it lets the operator control how much fluid flows between which components of a hydraulic machinery. Hydroservice engineering department designs manifold blocks, starting from hydraulic diagram and from specifications given by the customer. Thanks to the great quantity of hydraulic components models in program libraries, Hydroservice is able to give answers in short time both for price request and for designing of a product suitable to fit client’s needs.

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Hydraulic blocks

Connectable modular panels and bases for valves in compliance with the CETOP standards. Dimensions available: CETOP 3 CETOP 5 CETOP 7

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Clamping sleeves

From over 30 years Hydroservice is leader in the design and manufacturing of sleeves and clamping systems. Clamping sleeves are created to provide manufacturers and designers of machines locking systems ensuring maximum reliability with  smaller  sizes compared to traditional  solution. Thanks  to  their  particular  constructional  feature,  these  sleeves  allow  a  quick,  stable and precise axial and/or radial clamping of all cylindrical metal parts of which slippage and /or rotation shall be prevented.

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Inox special valves hand pump

Hydroservice designs and manufactures a wide range of hydraulic components and valves made entirely with AISI 316L, for applications in Offshore/Onshore Oil&Gas, petrochemicals, extreme environments and corrosive process fluids. From directional, non-return and reduction valves, among our range of products you will find what you need for an optimal solution.

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Nitrogen booster

The purpose of the Nitrogen Booster is to load the accumulators (individually or in the HPU) with nitrogen at preloading pressure, transferring it from the cylinder to the accumulator; the minimum pressure in the cylinder should be 20 bar. The pre-loading pressure of nitrogen for the bag and piston accumulators must be checked periodically (about every 3-6 months) and corrected when necessary. Checks and corrections must be carried out without back-pressure on the oil side of the accumulator. It is necessary, therefore, to disable and drain the oil side, by means of the manual cut-off and decompression valve, before checking the accumulators. After doing the above, a special valve must be connected to the nitrogen control and filling coupling on the head of the accumulator. This special component (the nitrogen control and filling device) is provided by the manufacturer of the accumulator. The Nitrogen Booster is connected to the electrical system, to the nitrogen cylinder by means of the "in PB" coupling, and with a hose to the accumulator to be filled (by means of the “out ACC” coupling). The Nitrogen Booster is available in two versions: IP65 Model Ex Model

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Flow indicator

The FE type of electrohydraulic flow indicator is piston-operated. It is essentially constituted of a body, the piston group, the contrast spring, a calibration element and a microswitch. The FE type of electric flow indicator is calibrated to guarantee the passage of the minimum safety capacity pre-selected by the customer. If the foreseen capacity runs through the flow indicator, an electrical contact is tripped. Whenever the oil delivery running through the flow indicator does not respect the set value, or the f/ow is interrupted upstream or downstream of the indicator (even with pressure present in the circuit), an electrical signal showing failure is automatically given. The construction characteristic of the FE flow indicator permits a correct operation even in the presence of magnetic fields.

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Clamping discs

HYDROSERVICE clamping discs were created to provide EASY and ECONOMIC clamping systems to ensure top reliability to machine manufacturers and engineers From over 30 years Hydroservice is leader in the design and manufacturing of discs and clamping systems The seal on our disc is greatly oversized, therefore during assembly it is strongly preloaded obtaining high adherence in its seat.Because of this, the Clamping element can be moved slightly in either direction without creating friction with the wall of the seat.When the oil pressure will act on the seal first, this will be slightly compressed, eliminating frictions, and will move until the disc will be placed on the surface to be locked.The seal will assume its final position.When unlocking the piece, simply release the pressure and the Clamping disc is spring returned of about 0.01 mm and comes away from the piece to be held.It is important to point out that there is no friction during translation ensuring the longer life of the disc.To ensure good working, avoid the formation of air bubbles in the pressurized oil circuit and purge any air in the circuit (if possible, create a vent hole in the most appropriate point). This feature, together with the frictionless nature of the seal, ensures the excellent expectancy and perfect efficiency of our disc.

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Spring clamping cylinders

Universal spring locking cylinder to lock the moving parts of machines like: machine tools, tool locking devices, slides, pallets, tailstocks, pieces being processed, tools, die locking presses.

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