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Flow indicator

Flow indicator

The electro-hydraulic flow switch type FE is composed of a body, a piston, a contrast spring, a calibration element and a micro-switch.
The electro-hydraulic flow switch type FE is calibrated to ensure the minimum safety selected flow rate.

The electric flow indicator is normally employed in equipments tor the control of a fluid and transmits a remote electrical alarm signal every time that a variation of flow different than the one set occurs. Upon request, flow indicators may be constructed in stainless steel tor corrosive liquids, water, etc. These units are mounted tor the control of both the main line and the single lubrication points.

Examples: lubrication of mandrels and bearing s/ides on machine tools, hydrostatic support of slides and mandrels of large dimensions, forced lubrication on machines in general (such as reducers, gear works, strongly preloaded bearings, compressors, transformers , chemical and pharmaceutical machines, etc.).

The FE type of electrohydraulic flow indicator is piston-operated. It is essentially constituted of a body, the piston group, the contrast spring, a calibration element and a microswitch.

The FE type of electric flow indicator is calibrated to guarantee the passage of the minimum safety capacity pre-selected by the customer. If the foreseen capacity runs through the flow indicator, an electrical contact is tripped. Whenever the oil delivery running through the flow indicator does not respect the set value, or the f/ow is interrupted upstream or downstream of the indicator (even with pressure present in the circuit), an electrical signal showing failure is automatically given.

The construction characteristic of the FE flow indicator permits a correct operation even in the presence of magnetic fields.


  • Reduced dimensions
  • Ease of assembly
  • Assembly position as desired
  • Insensible to magnetic fields
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Adjustable intervention differential
  • Insensible to pressure change
  • Adjustment on the whole scale
  • Reduced weight: body and flange in light- weight alloy, in stainless steel for water
  • Certainty that the desired point will be lubricated
  • Elimination of bindings and breakages due to lack of lubrication
  • Indicator of eventual fluid losses in the equipments
  • Fluid passage safety device, generally on special equipments
  • Greater machine reliability
  • Warning light - upon request

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