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    Offshore B7+M3 plants

    The customer asked us to develop offshore skids in accordance with industry regulations

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  • Case histories

    Offshore plant

    The customer asked us to develop an offshore skid in accordance with the sector regulations.

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    Implementation of safety on sheet metal processing plants

    Increase plant safety following the introduction of stricter regulations in the sector.

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    Hydraulic Oil Unit for ZPC Project

    Realization of a high reliability system, for the handling of process valves installed in a plant for the production of LDPE.

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    Process plant with internal overpressure control panel (Atex Ex p + HMI panel)

    The creation of a process plant controlled entirely via a touchscreen panel installed in a hazardous area, that does not require additional space for installation.

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    Piston accumulation group

    The focus of this project was to provide a reliable and long-lasting product, with a specific layout developed and designed to be positioned in an existing but not very adaptable context.

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    HPU for ESD application in Middle East

    Hydroservice has been involved in the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, inspection for the Hydraulic Power Units to operate On/Off ball valve spring return electro-hydraulic actuator. The HPU skids were equipped with Local Control Panel for operation and control of the systems.

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    Boliden Venturi treatment plant

    The client among its range of products, has systems for the management of the exhaust fumes of the heat treatment plants of steel mills. Typically these systems are managed by an electric actuator, while for the order in question the end customer requested management via a complete hydraulic cylinder of the control unit.

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    Qarn Alam Oman

    Hydroservice, thanks to the know-how gained, was able to develop the mechanical part in accordance with the customer's need for transportation. The total dimensions had to respect the spaces of the containers to avoid damage during the movements.

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    Laboratory preparation for tests on anti-seismic devices for building and infrastructure

    Hydroservice has accompanied the customer  in the design of a machine necessary for testing the anti-seismic devices. At the same time the hydraulic circuit of the machine control was studied, which can develop a vertical load of 70 MN  and horizontal up to 20 MN, in dynamic and static condition. In particular the main equipment for carrying out tests on support devices and anti-seismic isolators is capable of developing up to 18 MN of dynamic force.
    Every equipment is managed by sophisticated electronic control devices and dedicated software with an exclusive acquisition system which records up to 12 channel simultaneously with different sampling frequency.

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    Coal to methanol and convertion to olefins Zhongan project - China

    After the design and manufacturing phase of the Hydroservice system, after six months Client asked Hydroservice a site supervision service on urgent basis for commissioning and start-up the unit. Hydroservice service team moved to ZhongAn China and in four days commissioned the package unit and Client could start the plant production as per schedule.

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    Test bench for hydraulic cylinders

    Our client requested the development of a test bench complying with the safety regulations in force, that would allow the testing of all the cylinders of their own production (of whatever type they are), according to both their own technical specifications and eventually those of the final customers (users). Hydroservice, having gathered the customer's needs, designed, built, installed and certified the test bench in question.

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    Hydroservice has been a leader in the development and implementation of customized projects in the hydraulic sector for over 40 years.

    Hydraulic power necessary to move the actuators

    The hydraulic power unit in the picture provides the hydraulic power necessary to move the actuators of a 610x1600 4-cylinder calender.
    This HPU will be installed in Slovakia and will be used to produce the tires of a world leader in the rubber sector.
    The metal rolling system consists of 4 cylinders, one of which is fixed and 3 mobile, and some auxiliary functions such as pre-loading and contrast cylinders.

    Mold holder for presses

    Central unit designed by Hydroservice for a mold holder for presses, usable both on blanking and coining systems.
    The control unit is specifically dedicated to a 4000T press.

    Oil&Gas Systems

    Site installation of hydraulic power units and accumulator racks for the operation of electro-hydraulic actuators installed on a natural gas pipeline. Our hydraulic equipment secure gas flow through the pipeline and consequently the Energy flow. The hydraulic power units are designed and operated with the maximum concern to ecosystem where they are installed.

    Central for vertical lathe

    Hydroservice, at the customer's request, has created a central for vertical lathe capable of maintaining the head support of the hydraulic spindle.
    The control unit has also been CE-PED certified and the components installed are of the IO-LINK type.

    Power plant in line

    Hydroservice has designed a power plant per line consisting of a sheet metal and a shear.

    This central specification is suitable for machining in the automotive sector.

    Hydraulic unit for actuator control

    The Hydraulic Power Unit is at the service of a single-acting hydraulic actuator that operates a rotary valve located in the main steam overflow line.
    The task of this valve is to regulate the pressure in the steam supply line of the turbine by discharging geothermal steam.
    This valve, controlled by the Hydraulic Power Unit, must therefore have an adjustment, shut-off and emergency (fail safe) function.

    Polypropilene Project

    Hydroservice builds special systems.
    Among these, the Polypropylene project: the hydraulic catalyst metering system is used to meter catalyst to the Polypropilene loop production reactor. It is a key package inside the process to allow the correct chemical dosing and optimized reaction for the production of very high quality polymer.
    This kind of polymer has a long history and wide range of applications.

    Central unit for spindle lubrication

    We have made a system able to maintain the hydrostatic support of a spindle based on customer specifications.

    In particular, a VSD variable speed electric motor has been mounted on this system for more flexible management of the hydraulic circuit, and also flow switches based on a Hydroservice design and patent.

    Control unit with IO-Link type instruments

    The control unit performs the most classic of applications, namely the hydraulic control for locking and unlocking the equipment of a machining center.
    But in this case the difference, or rather the innovation, is given by the type of instrumentation and the connection method between the control unit and the electrical control panel of the machine.
    The customer asked us that all the instruments (level sensor, temperature sensor, pressure transmitters and filter clogging indicator) were of the IO-Link type and that the classic junction terminal block was replaced by the IO-Link interface modules. Profinet.
    In this way, the signals of the solenoid valves were also connected to the same modules, with the result of a simplified wiring procedure, the use of a much lower number of cables, in addition to all the advantages deriving from the use of components with IO-Link (ease of configuration, possibility of implementation in an Industry 4.0 system, etc…).

    Load rolling machine D160

    Hydroservice is able to supply complete hydraulic equipment for the lines of 2 hyperbolic rollers straightening machines.

    Thanks to the choice of dedicated components, we make the machine more flexible: in this way the end user can make a quick change of range and can manage the production of small batches.

    The standardization of solutions also allows customers to reduce time-to-market and allows us to guarantee optimal quality of our products supplies.

    Solution for docking ships with a suction cup

    The solution designed by Hydroservice controla a movable arm, so that the suction cups are put in contact with the wall of the ship: the vacuum pump with which the machine is equipped sucks the air contained in the suction cup, effectively causing the ship to hook to the suction cups. In this way, the ship is docked as if it had the classic ropes, with the difference that the movement of the ship once docked is much more limited. Furthermore, with this method the docking time is reduced up to 10 times.

    Hydraulic unit for the lubrication of hydrostatic guides

    Hydroservice has designed a hydraulic power unit dedicated to the lubrication of the hydrostatic guides of a vertical lathe.
    This HPU designed in such a way that the solution is low-noise.

    Installation of a hydraulic unit on the calender plant

    Construction of a hydraulic central for traditional plant calender 500 N (100 t) with 2000 mm table, for the activation of the closing of the calender rolls, with proportional adjustment of the thrust force.

    Hydraulic unit for sheet metal processing lines

    The hydraulic power unit (HPU) is used in the control and command of a sheet metal processing line, on which the safety and system isolating valves, called "hydraulic gates", are positioned.

    Hydraulic unit for installation on CNC-controlled tube tapers

    The hydraulic power unit is installed inside a 2-axis CNC-controlled tube shaper.
    Thanks to its compact design, it was possible to optimize the installation space.
    The machine is characterized by the high number of forming operations that can be carried out and the speed of execution, ensuring high production levels with high standards of quality and precision.

    Hydraulic units for the balancing of the vertical axes

    Hydroservice is able to supply hydraulic units for balancing the vertical axes of machine tools of any shape, size and type.
    Hydroservice follows all the phases, starting from the design and sizing, up to the construction and the start-up of the machine.

    Manipulator for control unit for the forming of rounded bottoms

    The control units of a hydraulic press for the cold forming of dished bottoms are equipped with a hydraulic manipulator, which is necessary for moving the bottom during processing.

    These HPUs are equipped with proportional controls for adjusting the working pressure and for controlling the movement speeds of the cylinders.

    To complete the line, the press is combined with an edge banding machine for which Hydroservice supplies the control unit.

    The machine bends the end of the rounded bottom to prepare it for coupling with the cylindrical part of a tank and / or a cistern.

    A new export gas pipeline running from Russia to Europe

    Hydroservice has received the prestigious assignment to develop and manufacture the hydraulic power units for the line isolating valves of the plants developed in Russia and Germany.

    The Russian site foresees a greater number of valves and relative hydraulic power units, including the 28" ones; these valves are positioned on the lines from the gas compressor station, which pumps the gas at 200 Bar along two pipelines (lying on the seabed) across the Baltic Sea, for a length of 1200 km.

    These lines will transport gas for about 55 billion cubic meters per year.

    Oven area system

    This plant moves the billets inside a continuous cycle preheating furnace 24/7 through 27 synchronized hydraulic axes. In the steel sector it is important to build reliable plants that allow easy maintenance to minimize plant downtime. Hydroservice is able to take care of the customer's needs starting from the concept phase up to commissioning, with particular attention to detailed engineering and care in the assembly of parts.

    Plant for chipboard panels

    The plant moves the basket of a refining mill for dry flakes used in the production of chipboard panels.
    The hydraulic change system allows the replacement of the cutting ring of the mill in just 8 minutes!
    Particular attention was paid to the testing phase, made to customer specifications, to ensure synchronization of the extracting cylinders.

    Hydrostatic Service and Lubrication Power Unit for Vertical Lathe

    Hydroservice has been designed the Hydrostatic Service and Lubrication Unit for vertical lathe with double column. The Power Unit is able to guarantee maximum rigidity and elimination of torsion, flexion and vibration, even at maximum power to ensure the best efficiency and quality on machining large pieces.

    Hydraulic Power Unit for lubrication of the moving parts of a round bars peeler

    The Hydraulic Power Unit designed by Hydroservice is used to lubricate only the moving components of a peeler, a machine that transforms hot rolled bars or forged bars in perfect round bars. The control of lubrication in this system is extremely important, both to cool the peeler and to prevent any friction between the parts and thus avoid a machine stop.

    Hydraulic Skid to manage a Rotary Valve Panel

    Hydroservice has designed and implemented an Hydraulic Skid which, through the use of hydraulic cylinders powered directly by the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU), is able to manage the rotary valve panel. This valve is used in the management (conduction / interruption) of the flow of the main pipeline of a hydroelectric plant.

    RU6 Slitter rewinder

    It is an hydraulic power plant designed and built to control a slitter rewinder, a machine used in the converting sector to carry out work on material coils.
    This system, characterized by a complex circuit, allows the control of different users including unwinding / winding of the coil and overturning.

    Catalyst dosing system

    Catalyst dosing system designed and built for the production of thermoplastic polymers (PP) with final destination LOUISIANA (USA).

    Axis control automation

    The customer expressed the need to simplify the architecture of the PLC in order to reduce the start-up times of the system and standardize the architecture of the control electronics. Hydroservice has proposed a decentralized axis control Rexroth unit that allows you to change the parameters of the drives in an easy and intuitive way.

    Forming press 800T

    It is a unit designed and built to control a forming press developing a force equal to 800T

    It is characterized by high physical dimensions, a complex circuit with a high precision in users control, an index of high reliability and precision in the processes.

    Injection press

    Power station designed and built to control a vertical injection press for co-molding.

    This plant in particular controls a rotary table and allows the press to develop a force equal to 140 tons.

    Special features: high precision and speed in the drives, complexity of the circuit.

    Calender for PVC CR4 660 x 2150F

    Structured hydraulic system designed to control a Calender for PVC.

    Small plant able to guarantee high dynamism of the workings and a precision in the movement of the rollerollers axes for an high degree of reliability in the workings.

    This plant is characterized by high performance in terms of speed, precision and reliability.

    Continuous press

    Design and implementation of two plants for the same line for the control of a continuous woodworking press, through which wood panels are produced for various sectors.

    The peculiarity lies in the physical dimensions of the plant: it is a press unit and a pressurized tank to which different groups are connected, such as the motor-pump unit, accumulators, recirculation and equally valve groups installed on metal bars to control the sections of the line.

    This plant is characterized by high performance in terms of speed, precision and reliability.
    It is useless to underline his mammothness.

    Disc strander

    Design and production of a hydraulic power plant for the control of a large wood chipper, a machine used to reduce the wood into small chips, by grinding of trunks and twigs.
    The project was particular for several factors: the complexity of the system, its size and the types of controls and controls.

    HF1000 press

    Design and production of a hydraulic power plant for the control of a forming press, a press that can develop a weight equal to 1000 Tons.
    The features of the project are different: the plant size (4000 L), N. 3 motors supplied from 160kW to guarantee high performance in terms of press speed, and above all the high reliability and high precision of the press.

    Valve torque monitoring system

    Hydroservice in co-operation with Petrolvalves, one of its key Client, presents at Valveworld Dusseldorf 2018 the “Valve Torque Monitoring System”.
    This device easily connected to the valve on-board instrumentation allows the data acquisition and transfer to a dedicated web platform to allow the remote condition monitoring of the valves.

    Dedicated dashboards are designed specifically to allow operators real time performance monitoring of the installed valves and systems
    The device take advantage of the IoT technology applied to Oil and Gas application. Even a piece of steel valve of whichever size and type become SMART.

    The information retrieved on valve performances may be transferred directly to field operators through mobile device in order to allow them to have real time information of the valve performance.
    This technology was developped by Hydroservice starting from monitoring of hydraulic systems for electro-hydraulic actuator application and extended to the application on valves by pushing actual IoT technologies in this field of application.

    Hydraulic system for Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) - Diverter damper

    The hydraulic system manages the movements of a diverter blade.
    the diverter has been engineered and manufactured to obtain even shorter actuation times. The sealing lamellas (the strength point) have, on some applications, lifetimes of up to 10 years.

    Additional benefits include self-lubricated, high temperature, maintenance-free internal bearings as well as a solution for internal thermal-acoustic insulation. The diverter is pre-assembled in a few pieces or can be delivered fully assembled (in one single part). It is engineered for easy installation under single cycle exhaust stacks, instead of existing bend ducts.

    The FRT test chamber

    The FRT test chamber is a device able to create the sticking condition due to differential pressure and investigate the type and the amplitude of forcing that allow the detachment of the sticking zone.

    This test equipment will allow to:

    • Recreate the mud-cake formation recreating the bottom hole conditions during drilling phase
    • Replicate the DPS phenomena
    • Generate two type of forces to analyze their efficiency on the releasing of the pipe from its suck condition

    Nord Stream project 1-2 48”-28”

    Hydraulic power stations for the control of 48" valve actuators in Russia and Germany with 2oo3 control logic. Operating pressure: 210bar, design temperature: -40°C alloy steel materials SS316L

    Hydraulic control systems

    Hydraulic control systems, actuators and valves operating up to 3600 bar in the production process of thermoplastic polymers such as low density polyethylene or EVA

    Process hydraulics

    Hydraulic process installations for the production of thermoplastic polymers

    Oil & Gas

    HIPPS valve control hydraulic system on an offshore platform according to Saudi Aramco specifications.

    Operating pressure 380bar

    Not only hydraulic system

    Not only hydraulic installations, but complete and integrated solutions for laboratory tests.

    Mechanics, hydraulics, automation, control and data acquisition to study and model an innovative system for drilling in the Oil&Gas sector.

    Test bench

    Laboratory test bench with hydraulic reaction cell operating at 450°C, 400bar.

    Process fluids: brine, isopropanol, hexane in the presence of H2S. materials in contact with the fluid Hastelloy C276. The system is controlled by a redundant PLC certified SIL2. Application to simulate the behaviour of a rock sample under the action of pressure and high temperatures to generate revisional mathematical models.

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