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Custom hydraulic manifolds

Custom hydraulic manifolds

Made of most different dimension and materials like alluminium alloy, stainless steel, cast iron and carbon steel.

Programming CAD - CAM integrated 3D modeling

Thanks to a dedicated software, Hydroservice’s engineers are able to use 3D model directly in CAM system, so to create machine program with the minimum manual intervention. This to guarantee higher quality and efficiency.
Manifold blocks are designed and manufactured around the requirements of Customers at which Hydroservice offers the best technologies and the best materials for the manufacturing of a very high quality products.


Deburring and cleaning a finishing at state of the art

Hydroservice has been one of the very first companies to supply hydraulic manifolds perfectly deburred and clean, since 1975. Its employees involved in these activities, attend continuous training to ensure a product “ready to use”.
Compatibly with block dimension, manual deburring is completed with a process of cleaning and washing.


Below, a list of materials normally worked and surface treatments provided:

  • Cast iron GG25 (UNI-EN-1561-GJL-250)
  • Cast iron GGG40 (UNI-EN-GJS-1563-15)
  • Steel C45 (UNI-EN-10083-2: 2006)
  • Aluminium 2011 (EN-AW 2011)
  • Aluminium 6026 (EN-AW 6026)
  • Aluminium 6082 (EN-AW 6082)
  • Aluminium 7075 (EN-AW 7075)
  • Stainless Steel SS316L
  • Inconel 625/825
  • Hastelloy C276
  • AVP


For steel and cast iron, Hydroservice could provide the manifolds with the surface treatment of:

  • Nitrocarburization
  • Phosphating (UNI-ISO-9717)


For aluminium, Hydroservice could supply the manifolds with the surface treatment of:

  • Natural Anodizing (IND UNI-4522)
  • Hard Anodizing (UNI 7796)

hydraulic manifold is a manifold that regulates fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system. It is like a switchboard in an electrical circuit because it lets the operator control how much fluid flows between which components of a hydraulic machinery.

Hydroservice engineering department designs manifold blocks, starting from hydraulic diagram and from specifications given by the customer.

Thanks to the great quantity of hydraulic components models in program libraries, Hydroservice is able to give answers in short time both for price request and for designing of a product suitable to fit client’s needs.


  • Designed for compactness and ease of installation
  • Non-standard geometry to fit the space available in the machine
  • Material, painting and surface treatments variety to match customer’s needs
  • Suitable to fit any valve cavity, port thread and flange interface
  • Product quality guaranteed by: 3.1 & 3.2 quality certifications, non-destructive and pressure tests
  • Fluid dynamics and FEM structural analysis to reduce pressure loss and guarantee mechanical strength

Technical data

Custom valve manifolds

Bar manifolds

Valve stack assemblies

Standard ISO valves

DIN and cartridge valves

Materials: aluminum, ductile iron, stainless steel and other options available upon request

Our Solutions, in the various industrial sectors

Over the years, Hydroservice has developed projects aimed at solving problems in the field of hydraulics.
Take a look at the Business Units in which we operate, and discover all the achievements and projects.

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Hydroservice stands out on the market for highly specialized and constantly updated technical staff, both in the planning-consulting phase and in the production phase.

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