• HPU for ESD application in Middle East

The HPUs designed and manufactured by Hydroservice will be installed in a new project for oil strategic storage in Middle East. The equipment has been designed to fit the plant plotplan and for easy installation and future maintenance activities of the units.

The needs of the client

Respect the constraints dictated by space, material and environmental conditions

The criticality of the application was related to material selection. All the component are painted stainless steel SS316 due to harsh environment conditions and stringent project specifications. The space constraints for the HPU installation was another driver to design compact and easy maintainable units. The equipment has the main scope to allow the emergency shut down of the valves installed in the oil lines. Considering the criticality of the application, the customer has scheduled periodic maintenance activities.

What Hydroservice has developed

HPU Design to avoid any interference with other equipment

On the basis of the site layout Hydroservice co-designed the HPU with the customer/end-user to avoid any interference with other process equipment.

The equipment selection and hydraulic circuit design allow the operation of the On/Off valves to be operated and the possibility execute Partial Stroke Tests to check the operability of the valves during normal operation.

The result

The resolution of all critical issues

The supply has flatly satisfied the customer's expectations, which has been able to resolve the critical issues related to the application, allowing it to function properly.

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