• Coal to methanol and convertion to olefins Zhongan project - China

The needs of the client

The start-up created in a short time, to start production immediately

The Client need was to start-up the plant in short time to start the production at the soonest and asked Hydroservice site team to move fast in Chinese site for Commissioning and Sart-up of the package. Hydroservice package is a key component of the petrochemical plant and without its commissioning it was not possible to start the production of the entire facility. A mechanical engineer and a software specialyst moved to job-site and in four days the package was completely commissioned and start-up. All the performance guarantees have been achieved after a positive test run of 72hours.

What Hydroservice has developed

Design, engineering, production and approval in a short time

Further to the design, engineering, manufacturing and factory acceptance test of the package system, Hydroservice provided skillful technicians for site service in rush conditions with a very tight schedule. Hydroservice co-operated with Client site team to reach the goal. The Client site team was composed of technicians from three different companies and five different disciplines (Mechanical – Instrument – Electrical – PLC Software and DCS Engineers).

The result

In just four days, the package was operational

The result was that after four days of activities the package was positively commissioned, started-up and fully operational. The End User was able to start the production with the correct process performances in accordance with project schedule without any delay. An important project milestone has been achieved. 

Business units

Need a fast help?

Our qualified technical staff is at your service to help you identify the most suitable solution for your needs

Hydroservice stands out on the market for highly specialized and constantly updated technical staff, both in the planning-consulting phase and in the production phase.

Hydroservice Staff

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