• Boliden Venturi treatment plant

The customer's need

A hydraulic solution that integrates perfectly with other systems in use

Our client designs and develops systems for the management of the exhaust fumes of the heat treatment plants of steel mills. These systems have the purpose of regulating, through the positioning of a large shutter placed inside the flue passage pipe, the flow rate of the same, so as to keep the delta P constant inside the pipeline, a fundamental requirement for the operation of the whole system.

These systems are part of the standard product range, but to meet the end customer's requests, hydraulic rather than electrical management had to be implemented, so as to standardize the supply to the other systems already in use.

What Hydroservice has developed

Precise construction requirements

The application, due to the "inhospitable" environment in which the hydraulic system was to be installed, had to be designed with a series of very precise construction requirements, starting from the tank material up to the particular brand of some component and to the constructive form of the system in general.
The system made by Hydroservice was supplied complete with a cylinder equipped with a position transducer which will be interfaced, via the customer's PLC, to the proportional directional valve installed on the control unit.

The result

Meet customer's expectations

Our supply has completely satisfied the customer's expectations, who was able to manage a hydraulic system, not detecting any difference compared to the electrical management and, moreover, having much less performance constraints related precisely to the potential of the hydraulic system.

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