• Laboratory preparation for tests on anti-seismic devices for building and infrastructure

The customer's need

Testing of anti-seismic devices

The customer's need was to rely on a partner for the engineering, construction, installation and start-up of the entire hydraulic system capable of generating the required performance.

What Hydroservice has developed

Installation activities in collaboration with the customer's technicians

Hydroservice provided the entire hydraulic system is composed of a power plant with 6000 L tank, two storage systems, each one consisting of a 300 L piston accumulator and 12 additional nitrogen cylinders,
several control manifolds with all the necessary interlocks (valve, servovalve, control and management tools), the whole piping (both regid and flexible), various derivation manifolds for simplified construction of the machine edge.
It was also provided all the electrical part as well as the machine control pulpit equipped with an integrated control system.
Hydroservice also followed all the installation and commissioning activities of the hydraulic system and, in collaboration with the customer's technicians, of the machine in general.

The result

Start the system on time

The hydraulic system designed and built entirely by Hydroservice guaranteed the performance required by the customer's specifications who was able to start the system within the established time and perform the tests for which the system was designed.

Business units

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Hydroservice stands out on the market for highly specialized and constantly updated technical staff, both in the planning-consulting phase and in the production phase.

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