Future Hydraulic Technicians train in Hydroservice

The second edition of the ACADEMY course for aspiring hydraulic technicians was held, organized in collaboration with Gi Group, an employment agency.


The course, lasting 80 hours, included both theoretical lessons in the classroom and practical lessons alongside expert fitters, offering complete and in-depth training. Designed for those interested in becoming highly skilled technicians in the hydraulics industry, the course covers a wide range of topics, including selecting and maintaining hydraulic components, reading technical documents, assembling hydraulic power packs, commissioning of the systems and the main troubleshooting logics.

Hydroservice Academy 2023

The theoretical lessons of the course dealt with the basic concepts of hydraulics, including the main quantities and physical laws that govern the world of hydraulics, the choice and sizing of the main components that make up a system, as well as a lesson on safety on the Work. The main characteristics and operating logics of the components such as pumps, valves, filters and the main types of actuators were illustrated. Participants also acquired the basic notions for reading and understanding hydraulic diagrams and mechanical drawings, the choice of components, how to identify and solve the most common problems of a hydraulic system.

The practical lessons allowed the participants to consolidate the theoretical notions seen in the classroom, acquire familiarity with the hydraulic components and the equipment necessary for the assembly of the systems under the supervision of expert technicians in compliance with the safety standards. Particular focus was given to construction practices to ensure the correct functioning of the systems.

Hydroservice Academy 2023


The course was held by highly qualified technicians with years of experience in the hydraulics sector. Furthermore, the practical activities in the workshop allowed the candidates to work in an organized context oriented towards continuous improvement. In addition to using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to carry out practical activities in our production area, the students were able to test their soft skills thanks to teamwork.

At the end of the course, the participants received a diploma of participation which certifies the skills acquired during the course, an added value for the participants' professional curriculum, opening up new career opportunities in the hydraulic and mechanical sectors.

An excellent opportunity for anyone interested in acquiring the necessary skills to become successful technical specialists in an ever-expanding niche sector.


Hydroservice Academy 2023